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What the F* is valuable content?

“Share valuable content”

The phrase is repeated over and over again by marketing experts, yet no one explains what it means. So, what the F* is it? and, how can you start creating it? Read along! We are going to break it down for you.

Valuable content is all about useful, entertaining, and inspiring information created for a specific audience, that is, they are the messages that bring benefit, answer questions, or entertain your audience. This content can be shared in different formats like Social Media posts, blogs, guides, videos on YouTube, or text messages, among others.

Each piece of content you create for your brand must be framed within your strategy and guided by a series of objectives, one of them being connecting through empathy and knowledge. If you succeed, the result will be deeper connections and true fans for your brand that will feel excited by new products and solutions because you have gained their trust.

People buy or consume a brand more for the feeling it transmits than the actual product they sell.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” – David Ogivly

One of the main reasons some marketing strategies fail is that they focus exclusively on the product and, in light of that your followers are surrounded by multiple “buy me” messages, these all pass unnoticed. Getting people to commit to a product or service is not about the “buy me” but the  “buy me because”  So find creative ways as to how your product will benefit your customer and share content around those subjects.

5 tips to create valuable content:

Know your client: the first step involves knowing who you will be addressing and knowing about their lifestyle. This will allow you to create content that resonates with them.

Take advantage of content trends: if there is a piece of news that you notice is getting some traction, become an owner by speaking, giving your opinion, or giving advice about what everyone is commenting on.

NOTE: This is an SEO hack that we use with our clients.

Connect with people: let them know who you are, your personality, what you like, what inspired you, absolutely everything. The more your brand talks about you (the people behind the brand) the more confident they will become and buy from you.

Arouse sensations: What motivates or makes your community laugh?

Do not stop, be consistent: the people who connect with you, will be expecting relevant content from you. Remember: content is king, but content that contributes and sparks interest in your customer will crown your brand.

Do you need some ideas?

Let’s talk about a product. Imagine your business sells blankets:

You can create content about the best temperature for babies to sleep in.

You could also speak about the benefits of a good night’s sleep or the perfect power nap. What about sharing ways you can multi-purpose a blanket… All of these ideas are on-topic and would be important to your ideal customer.

Now, let’s focus on a service-based brand. What if your business is about accounting?

You can create posts about how entrepreneurs can gain capital or write a blog post about investment. You can also explain how not knowing about taxes can turn profits into losses. Surely a new business owner will depend on your content to succeed and eventually contact you for a trusted service.

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