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Digital transformation

The future is now! And digital transformation is a plan that must be accomplished quickly. We are living what seem to be apocalyptic movie scenes and uncertainty and fear of the unknown without knowing what to do. This being the reality of all, there are things that have already been proven: we can work and study from home, we can make purchases from the essentials such as a market and medicine to home decoration and consult with doctors through teleconsultation. From 2020 the sales of your company will not depend on the physical flow of your stores, points of sale or offices; the economy and business growth will depend on the power and digital presence of brands.

A few years ago we could connect to the internet only through a telephone network and there were two options: surf or let Mom talk to her friend on the phone. Today the internet connection is so great that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) declared that 51.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet, this means that around 3.9 billion people in the world surf the web .

If a company recently debated investing in digital technology, updating its website or making a presence on one of the social networks that exist to promote its offer, you should know that the debate was won by an invisible murderer who managed to move the world into the future righ now. With more than 50% of the world’s population that includes large businessmen, small merchants, entrepreneurs and individuals looking for content to consume, companies must understand that their presence on the web is essential and that they tell their story and connect through networks Social with your customers is the only way to survive.

Of course, what we are looking for is for this presence to multiply in results, but how? With a good digital marketing strategy, focused on the consumer and guided by their customer journey that tells the stories and adapts the message according to the digital point of contact that each client has.

Today, it is not optional to have a digital presence, today it is a basic need. And although Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft warned us of a threat in the form of a virus, he also left us with a lesson at the end of the 90’s when he said that: “If your business is not on the internet it does not exist” is more current never.

The presence of businesses on the internet has the ability to open the doors of new opportunities that will grow the practice, knowledge and experience of your entire work model. For that reason, at Conceptus we are convinced that each project that comes our way must have a unique treatment and a personalized strategy that is achieved by a human connection in this time of transformation and digital connection.