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Storytelling vs Storydoing

Storytelling is one of the most widely used communication and content marketing strategies in the world, not only in the digital area but also in classics such as television spots or commercials. It is a tool that works to connect with users through a narrative that points to their feelings.

In the digital age, everything moves very fast and that is why now the art of narrating is being excluded by the art of doing, Story Doing, a story that not only makes you imagine but also live and experience.

As Trump puts it, “The time for words is over, the time to act has come.” The time has come for Story Doing.

Storydoing is to give the prominence due to the people or consumers of a brand, now instead of hiring an ambassador you will make your audience the main speakers of your quality and service. When a brand uses Storydoing it no longer counts it, it does.

Now, the two strategies have the job of transmitting the values, the spirit and the benefits that a brand brings. Make people not only imagine but live moments that add experiences to their lives.

For example, some of the most popular storydoing campaigns have been the following:

The north face and spotify created a playlist that can only be heard on rainy days, a way to publicize the rainwear line and make a musical connection with people.

There is also the case of Ariel, where they put clothes washed with their product on sale and only when people approached the box did they tell them about its origin so that they understood that when using this product their clothes were as good as new.

And like these many cases, where success has been the common denominator.


Now, what advantages does storydoing have over storytelling?

They are campaigns that generate huge increases in engagement, and that require less investment. They involve customers of the brand or those who discover it for the first time, and have a great impact on networks, because users share their real experience with the brand, become its ambassadors and do not feel invaded.

With all this information, what would your strategy be, count or do?