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SEO as a tool on instagram

We bring you a super news related to Instagram and its new attributes. Instagram has now optimized and is gradually incorporating profile visibility through the platform’s search engine. This opens up a range of possibilities because:

  • The caption acquires a lot of relevance, since what you write can help you appear.
  • You should not only leave the responsibility to the hashtags. The caption texts will also help users find your content by keywords, similar to how Google works.
  • It will help you gain more visibility.

For this reason, in this article we will help you take advantage of this new option that will enhance your enterprise or company in this social network.

Let’s start with the basics …

What is SEO?

SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization) is a series of strategies that help to optimize searches in order to obtain a better visualization and positioning of our content. It is no secret to anyone that Instagram has a fluid algorithm that often affects our growth in the social network, but this is because many times we do not have a solid plan for our content and our account to get where it should be.

This algorithm seeks to reward profiles that have certain characteristics such as frequency of publication, updated and new content, interactions and now, keywords.

How to apply SEO on Instagram?

Instagram allows us to add and modify so many things in our account that are part of a strategic plan to improve our positioning that knowing them becomes essential, here we mention the most important:

  • The use of Hashtags, or also “tags” increases the reach of our publications. They are the main ally for our account to be discovered by users interested in specific topics. Although Instagram only allows 30 per post, it would be recommended between 3 and 10 since you get more views if you add them strategically and do not seem desperate for attention.
  • The biography, as in all social networks, must be striking and impressive. Relevant information should be included, and especially words that connect your profile with your service so that it is easy to identify what you do.
  • Include videos, although Instagram is a platform focused on photos, videos have great power and manage to position themselves very well, this can be linked to tools such as Reels, IGTV and the new Guides.
  • The comments add the positioning of our account or post, and are even more important than the likes since in this way the person spends more time in the publication and thus an interest and a connection is obtained later. Comments must also be responded to in order to generate a conversation. This is why we recommend you interact with your ideal client’s accounts and leave personalized comments using the keywords of your business or undertaking.
  • Do not include a single photo, better a carousel. As is the case with videos, users prefer to have more information than what is shown, that is why a carousel is more striking and can reach more people. In addition, the use of the carousel forces users to spend more time consuming your content and this is rewarded by the social network.
  • Geolocation, whether you are a brand or not, it is always important to add this feature when publishing, because as an account grows it is easier and more important to reach people in your area.

Now, although there are these tools that help our development within Instagram, it is up to us to apply them constantly. Being able to observe the trends that the social network shows us in the “Search” tab will always be a plus for the growth of the account, besides that, simply innovate! Be creative and authentic, even if a lot is posted on a topic, your originality is what will make it stand out. Apply these tips and you will see how little by little your account will improve.

Guides on Instagram, a new update

Instagram is one of the social networks with the greatest boom in 2020, for no one is a secret that little by little they have been improving and adding content that makes the platform more versatile and attractive for users. Its great advances range from stories to compete at the time with Snapchat, reels to compete with TikTok and now incorporate the so-called “Guides”.

The guides were created during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way for the medical sector to guide the community on issues of care. Instagram quickly realized the potential of this and made it available to all users. These guides are created by the user on any subject and are located in our profile, on the upper right side we will see a “+” sign and when we click it, the option to create guides appears, you only need to have the Instagram app updated, either on IOS or Android operating systems.

In the guides is where the magic of SEO appears because its content is distributed similar to a web page with titles, subtitles and text.

Categories offered by this section

When creating a guide we can choose between three base categories.

  • Places: In which we can recommend sites, whether they are from our city or not. They can be restaurants, bars, museums or areas of interest.
  • Products: Here we can add products of our liking that we want to make known to our followers and that are for sale on the platform.
  • Publications: In this space we can include content both from us or from some other account that we liked and we want to appear here.

Final steps

All the content that we want to add to our guides must be previously published on Instagram, and if it is not ours we must save it to be able to use it and once it is selected, all that remains is to include a title and a description. These guides already created can be seen in our profile in a tab where our publications, IGTV, Reels and labels are located.

Once finished, anyone who enters our profile can access these guides, we can even share them by Direct, in the Stories and even link to our store if we have one.

Why use this feature?

The good thing about this social network is that with each content it makes users go deeper into their options and with the guides it is not the opposite, as content creators to a small or large extent we will be able to make our followers known and even to people who still do not follow us, a little more about us. Be it our favorite places, our tastes, brand and products to articles that we want to support. This means great growth for the accounts that make use of this function.

What do you think if you create your own blog but within your favorite social network? Set goals for 2021 and start now. Instagram, like all social networks, has a universe of possibilities that will help you grow, have fun and creatively develop your projects or ideas. Give yourself the opportunity and do not leave it for later. At Conceptus we want to accompany you [LET’S TALK]

Let’s make 2021 a year with lots of #StrengthInEachBrand