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A lemonade that connects the 5 senses


Indra arrived to refresh moments and connect the senses through healthy lemonades fused with super foods. This new brand wanted to conquer the palates and hearts of thousands of people with the delicious taste of its lemonades and its benefits, and for this it required the development of a fresh, youthful brand full of details that spoke visually.

Categoria: Branding

Fecha: 2019


We rely on your 5 senses


Why? because we don’t just want to get you a product. We want you to prefer us as a brand!

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What we did

Here we keep telling you!

For us it is very important that as a brand Indra could present the benefits that lemonade brings because it is not only about offering a simple drink, but also a very healthy and refreshing product for the users’ bodies.

Among the things that we could highlight about Indra:

• Offers a lighter digestion.
• Helps maintain body hydration.
• Goodbye to extra pounds. This is the best!
• Avoid oxidation.
• Provides a healthy dose of vitamin C.
• It is a rich source of potassium.
• Helps prevent kidney stones
• Strengthens defenses.

From all these points, as an agency, we managed to communicate through digital pieces all the power of the benefit that a single drink offers.

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Thank you Conceptus team! We greatly value the work of each one and the truth is that we love that Equal is growing hand in hand and with you. I love the taste they have for everything.