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How to sell self love through medical marketing

Equal Health and Beauty

Equal Salud y Belleza is a medical company specialized in anti-aging and general aesthetic procedures that aims to sell more than treatments. As its name suggests, Equal seeks the balance between the health and beauty of its patients. The dream of this medical company is for each patient to find self-love and a newfound self-confidence through state-of-the-art technology and medical accompaniment.

Categoria: Branding

Fecha: 2019


Buyers of brands with professional services, especially medical brands such as Equal require a more extensive process than others because patients must trust the professionals, and the results must be a process that takes time and work. This is why at Conceptus we apply the 3T as the basis of any communication strategy in medical marketing:

  • Transparency
  • Testimonials
  • Knowledge transfer


Growth in social networks
Increase in web traffic
Services on the first page of Google
Communication channels


We did?

For Equal Health and Beauty, we did a business design workshop, which after a diagnosis and benchmarking that allowed us to identify the correct communication channels, the current state of the brand, the customer journey to be more efficient and effective with the strategy of the guideline and finally based on this establish clear KPIs.

Having a great insight into the organization and its possibilities, we went on to develop a monthly strategy using the Business Design Plan as a vehicle for the fulfillment of the necessary actions and the fulfillment of goals.

Month by month we accompany Equal with managing social networks, advertising strategy, web page design and administration, content generation for search engine positioning and design of printed graphic pieces that accompany the digital strategy and support cross-communication at the points of attention and other external means such as fences, elevators and traffic breakers.

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Thank you Conceptus team! We greatly value the work of each one and the truth is that we love that Equal is growing hand in hand and with you. I love the taste they have for everything.