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We design celuarreglo services under a communication strategy creating empathy for the user and frustration or moments in which they deserve to use the service. With a fresh, modern and highly technological design, we connect with your target audience, turning social networks into your biggest sales generator.

Categoria: Redes Sociales

Fecha: 2017


The services that have to do with technology are estimated to be fast, and that was the promise that celuarreglo offered to its consumers. The solutions must not only be expressed, they must be demonstrated that is why through their social networks we digitize a strategy that could let its users see everything they could do just by contacting them, in addition to the speed at which they would do it.

Letting see through each post:

  • Testimonials
  • Fast service
  • Availability


Growth in social networks
Increase in web traffic
Services on the first page of Google
Communication channels

We design solutions in each publication

Celuarreglo is a company that provides mobile solutions to all of Colombia with cell phones, tablets, iWatch and computers. They recover equipment in 24 hours and with a service guarantee.

In short, we took all the benefits they offered and transmitted them in each solution, highlighting the positive characteristics that make celuarreglo a company that you must have in your directory.

We generated all its audiovisual content, but we were also the creators of Flyer design, uniform t-shirts, promotional material for collaboration with Claro and the design of a business design for an alliance with Rappi.

Being in turn leaders in the project of strategy, design and aesthetics of social networks.

Generation of audiovisual content


Thank you Conceptus team! We greatly value the work of each one and the truth is that we love that Equal is growing hand in hand and with you. I love the taste they have for everything.