Let’s Work Together

Alliance with Bancolombia


The alliance between Carulla and Bancolombia invited us to design, program and give life to interactive screens that could measure the number of our visits and redirect to purchase links for Carulla products, for one of the Bancolombia headquarters.

These interactive screens allow them to be edited in real time and without the need to download applications, turning them into very effective technological marketing tools.

Categoria: Branding

Fecha: 2019


Our marketplace pilot project was a success! Always being attentive and respecting the essence of each brand, achieving great interaction with our target audience. Our project went from being a pilot test to a new business model, strengthening us with both brands.

Growth in social networks
Increase in web traffic
Services on the first page of Google
Communication channels

What was our contribution?

Our contribution as a team was to support the interaction and drive towards a more assertive link when generating the purchase links for Carulla products. Remaining with total satisfaction for the objectives achieved.

diseño pagina web


Thanks to the support and effort of each one of you, the presentation to the media was a total success … everything worked perfectly … Congratulations and thank you very much for everything!