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Medical Marketing

How to make yourself known on social networks

A large number of patients seek solutions and meet medical prospects through digital channels. This is why doctors, clinics and health centers must pay great attention to medical marketing that includes positioning, recognition, validation and marketing strategies.

Medical marketing, like selling trust through social media.

Medical marketing could be applied in different channels and in any of the cases it is the ideal way to inform and have a better presence before colleagues, the sector in general as suppliers and potential patients.

Long ago we dared to think that the only valid marketing for professional services such as medicine was the recommendation or word of mouth but with digital channels generating so much impact in the world and the power to authentically connect through these channels, the Today, medical marketing is a means that all doctors, clinics, aesthetic medicine centers and people in the trade must take advantage of and eliminate that misconception that the health sector does not need marketing.

One of the benefits that could be obtained is acquiring recognition before possible patients and other colleagues who in turn could validate you in the sector, thus making them know that we are trained to provide a quality and reliable medical service.


Should we choose a custom strategy?

Of course it is! Not because we are talking about the health sector means that the marketing strategy will be the same for any specialty. Within each medical specialization there are different needs, and of course, different audiences.


How to do it?

At Conceptus we have created a communication strategy that, although it is personalized for each brand, provides us with a clear path, based on the 3T principles: Transparency, Transfer and Testimonials.

Honesty must be an innate value for any brand, especially for brands in the medical sector that play a decisive role in the health and care of their patients. This is why transparency in the offer, the results, recovery times and risks are essential to achieve an authentic audience that also safeguards the reputation of the doctor or clinic that is being promoted.

Knowledge and, failing that, the acquired experience are fundamental pillars when making decisions for the acquisition of professional services, which is why, in order to provide security to potential patients, it is important to communicate not only the cards that are If not, it also has to educate the audience and inform about the steps of the procedures, analyze the reason for the results, participate with the audience, thus providing confidence thanks to the transfer of knowledge.

Finally, share positive experiences and in some cases not so good to validate the first two points with real testimonials.

In marketing, as in medicine, each brand, as each body is, is unique and deserves a personalized diagnosis in order to trace the best communication path.

What type of content should be generated in medical marketing?

Let’s start with that the content must be very specific. Also, take into account that it is not only to generate content, we must create strategies based on words used mostly by your patients when looking for a certain specialty and the reasons for patients to search for these specific services, considering the topics that interest them most. in order to take advantage of search engines like Google as an ally to be easily found.

Here the protagonist is you! With all your knowledge, professionalism and the help of a very good digital marketing agency you can generate quality content.

You can share videos, photos, or ebooks filled with your highly rated content. Your patients and future prospects will thank you, in addition, you are creating a link with them, you could build a section where you answer all their questions. You could also do collaborations!

“Giving away” content does not mean that you are wasting knowledge, on the contrary, you will be creating a filter of patient prospects who will seek you out to perform the procedure based on the trust that you are building by instructing and giving more value to your work.

We work? We can guide you on the path to conquering expanding the connection with new patients.

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