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What are the best social media channels to promote your restaurant, bar or café?

If you are here, you are probably wondering how to use and take advantage of social media to improve the sales and positioning of your restaurant. The reality is that in the digital landscape in which we live, using social networks to promote your restaurant should be one of the main strategic pillars, after offering a first-class service and product. Around the world, it is estimated that more than one billion visits to restaurants are a result of digital strategies.

After knowing a brand, 85% of netizens look for it online, coming across their social media accounts and reviews that will help the person decide to buy or not. This is why using social networks could be the determining factor for your business to prosper.

Why use social media to promote your restaurant?

Promoting your restaurant or bar on social networks is free!

Creating business profiles on social networks is free of charge and although the ads have an additional cost, nothing prevents you from sharing the experience that people can enjoy when visiting your business and start having a community of people whom you can crave with your posts and interact with.

There are hundreds of active digital platforms so choosing the right social networks for your restaurant, bar or cafe should start by identifying your ideal customer and which social network they spend most of their time on.

5 top social networks for restaurants and bars:


Opinions matter! TripAdvisor is a social network specifically for tourism where more than a billion opinions are shared around the world. Restaurants, bars, hotels, travel agencies, and companies that offer similar services publish their offers focused on experiences that are rated by their customers. The online reputation of your business will ultimately help you conquer new palates and rank among predetermined categories such as price, gastronomic specialization, type of music, general rating, and location, among others.


Foursquare is a specific search and discovery of local establishments with more than 10 million users. Accessing it must be done through a computer or downloaded as an application to cell phones or tablets. The special thing about Foursquare is that its geolocator will recommend restaurants, bars, cafes, or any type of businesses that are nearby.

It is important to emphasize that those Foursquare consumers could be considered “hot leads” , those who are ready to consume, so be prepared with updated offers that have a clear call to action and promotions that will encourage the visit.


We already know what you’re thinking. “No one uses Facebook” The reality is that millions of people are still active on this social platform and being a part of Meta, the company that owns Instagram and WhatsApp, it’s relevant and very important. In Google searches, 49% of the results are associated with posts. Using Facebook increases your chances of being discovered in search engines, so post here often and remember to use relevant keywords.

Factors that benefit restaurants on Facebook:

Linking buttons for reservations and addresses.

Possibility to receive reviews



Web page

Websites are also considered social networks, so we included them in this list because it is without a doubt the only tool in which you have totalitarian control. Restaurants, regardless of their size should consider having a website where their menu, contact information, location, and history are available. Here you can link calls to action for your customers to claim coupons, ask for delivery or identify how to do it, read the gastronomic proposal you offer, have clarity about your location and opening hours, and much more.


Did you know that 69% of millennials take a photo and post their dish before eating it?

Yes! Not only is this is a very popular social network for those with restaurants that have an offer for those between 25 and 40 years old, but it also makes it easier for them to work for your brand by sharing their experience. Instagram confirms that food can delight the eyes and creating photo-worthy dishes is something you should consider. Instagram is very dynamic in its content and you will have the opportunity to play with various formats such as photos, videos, and stories. Have you already created your first reel?

How to use social networks for your restaurant

The different social networks for restaurants also have different objectives, so it is essential to choose several of them that will help you increase your digital presence. You must have a strategic plan where your publications meet real expectations and reflect the experience and offer of your restaurant or bar. You must make a plan with attainable goals and design the publications to meet them, achieving a balance between promotional publications and valuable content. If you need more insight about valuable content, check out our Blog Post: What the f* is valuable content?

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