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Why do you need content strategy for your website?

Within the world of digital marketing, there is a branch focused specifically on content, this is a strategy centered on positioning websites in search engines such as Google through relevant content for potential customers in an organic way.

Digitizing your brand today is a way not only to be within marketing trends, but it is also the best tool to be discovered by countless potential new clients who initiate their research and find answers through search engines.

Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with search engines?

Investing in digital marketing and defining a clear strategy are essential steps that every company should consider, regardless of its size. But, we are sure that you already knew this and that is exactly why you are reading this article because you want to know how to take advantage of digital tools to position yourself and have greater visibility, generate credibility and get closer to your customers, among others.

For this, the question went from being, Should I have a website? How to position my website? Assuming you already have one. If you still don’t have a responsive web page for 2021, contact us here.

We know that one of the biggest challenges in marketing is to differentiate yourself and stand out from so much advertising congestion inside and outside your industry. Achieving this requires that every day you close the distance between your brand and your client, with personalized communications, in real-time and amusing the accelerated digitization that we had after the Covid-19 pandemic.

That is why we must focus on customer acquisition and a way to achieve it, so that it complies with the above is with a content strategy and a web page built under high standards of good SEO practices Click here to know how to optimize your website

What do we know as content marketing?

When we talk about content marketing we refer to those topics that are developed in order to connect with your audience, seeking to attract them to your digital channels with valuable and relevant issues, making them get involved in such a way that they connect with your brand and create a valuable insight into it.

It is important to recognize that times have changed, we have passed from a generation that was forced to watch commercials, now with a simple Netflix subscription, they not only see what they want without commercials but also decide the time in which they do it. The public is currently the one who decides what they want to consume and how they are going to interact on what generates interest.

Let’s talk about what content you should include on your website

It is a fact that good content does not focus on just selling, even though this is the main objective. Good content must carry with it a benefit for those who read it, such as: solving a problem, clarifying a doubt, or demonstrating something. The sale is only one consequence of this process.

The content that you create should not only be useful, but it must also convey the right message to the public when they need it most. Ideally, exceed expectations by providing content so incredible that your audience will want to share it with others.

You ask, what do I gain from sharing valuable content? And that’s the most interesting …

As you helped your audience when they needed it most, they will have a positive vision of your brand. And, as we well know, people are more likely to interact with brands they know and for whom they feel sympathy than with others that are unknown.

The ultimate goal of any strategy is to obtain positive results and content marketing is a very good way to achieve this.

There are types of marketing that can help us start on the road to creating pleasant content for our clients, one of them and which we are going to tell you about next is Inbound Marketing.

What do we mean when we talk about Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is any marketing strategy that seeks to capture people’s interest without invading or interrupting their experience. That is, in a subtle way and through good content, brands will seek to attract their target audience without being aggressively invasive.

Have you ever been watching YouTube and have been interrupted by endless commercials? Well, exactly that is what is avoided through Inbound Marketing.

With this approach, your customers’ time is respected by sharing quality content that makes them feel attracted to themselves. For this reason, Inbound is also called attraction marketing.

But … How do we get it? There are 4 steps to achieve this:

  • Attract through relevant and interactive content.
  • Convert visitors into leads, bringing them closer to your brand and transforming them into potential sales.
  • Sell Is your lead interested in the product or service that your company offers? This is the time to show him that your solution is the best and close the sale.
  • Enchant your customer after the purchase is made. The relationship between your company and the buyer does not end after the transaction. Inbound preaches a long-lasting and stable relationship, in which you offer all the necessary support, in addition to conquering the client with interesting materials and extraordinary attention.

Basically, what you need to know is that doing Content Marketing will lead you to have a more valuable relationship with each of your clients, for that reason it has become so vital for any digital strategy.

If you read this far, you must have noticed that content marketing is something really essential to attract your audience, gain their trust and conquer loyal followers for your brand, but there are certain benefits or advantages that we want to talk to you about so that you are still encouraged more:

  1. Increase your site traffic: The better content you have, Google will notice you more, and that way it will also increase your visibility. The digital transformation has made most people use the Internet to search for information, especially in search engines like Google, which you should be taking advantage of.
  2. Generate brand awareness: Content production helps more people recognize your brand and get to know the products or services that your company offers. Remember that by feeling identified with your content, they can feel more confident when buying your product or hiring your service.
  3. Educate the market: If your content is really of quality, you will make your customers know how to consume your product or service with their eyes closed, educating them about your processes.
  4. Generate sales: Increasing the number of sales, in this case, means focusing your content production to guide your customers through the entire purchase process and prepare them for decision making.
  5. Boost your sales channels: You already have visitors on your site. But without information about them, you won’t be able to submit the right content to turn them into leads and put them in touch with a seller. That’s where content marketing comes in!

This translates into a solid strategy, which will continue to bring long-term results, generating traffic and sales for your business regularly.

Now, you will wonder how to start a content marketing strategy: At Conceptus we help you with planning: the choice of topics, language, keywords, among others to write content that respects the style and DNA of your brand that finally improves the positioning of your website to increase its traffic and closure sales. By creating an action plan, we define all the steps of a personalized strategy for your company and put it into action. By working with us you can start to enjoy all the benefits that we previously named, our mission is to give strength to each brand.

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