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9 pillars to be successful in social networks:

Social networks are ecosystems that are formed on the internet by groups of people who have similar interests and who, due to their affinity in certain topics, create relationships and links on different platforms. The management of social networks has become a key activity for all brands of all sizes and backgrounds around the world, expanding the possibility of connectivity.

Thanks to those of social networks, brands can position themselves in the market, increase sales, build loyalty, learn from their audience and make decisions motivated by the opportunities that are detected in the digital ecosystem, so proper management of these is essential and It must be considered within the strategic plans and for the success of any company.

To achieve better results with working on digital platforms, we share 9 fundamental points to achieve the desired success in social networks:

  1. Define objectives and measure results:

List the objectives or goals that you want to achieve with social networks since these will be the guide on what type of content should be generated and shared. With clear objectives, it is possible to design strategies that carry these goals and measure the effectiveness of the actions in order to make real-time decisions about the effectiveness of the actions implemented with precise metrics.

Although all brands must be present on social networks, their presence must be motivated by previously set goals and objectives, so measuring work efficiency is essential to know if the strategy should be changed or improved.

The SMART methodology is an excellent guide:

S |Specific

M| Measurable

A | Reachable

R | Relevant

T | Defined in time.

“If you do not get the expected results, change the strategy, do not change the objective”

  1. Choose the correct platforms:

Companies and brands must be present in social networks, but this does not mean that they must be in all or any of them. Social networks are communities of people, in this case a group of people who are on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, and depending on the platform, these are shared in different ways and seek to consume different content depending on the channel and the time that they spend in them. Identifying which social networks the brand’s target audience is on, what type of content they consume on them and how much time they spend there is valuable information from segmentation to achieve sharing of publications in the right place and at the right time.

  1. Help followers:

The market has changed and consumers now do not buy what but buy why. Digital relationships are similar to physical relationships; Only with time and by getting to know the people, in this case the brands, can trust be gained.

Leaning on the purpose of the brand is ideal for capturing the interest of the target audience. Troubleshoot, provide information, and share insights part of a technique inbound marketing specific to attracting and capturing qualified prospects, ready to consume non-intrusive content and retain them with content that demonstrates that the brand understands their needs, fears and motivations.

[If you want to learn more about valuable content, we invite you to read What the fuck is value content]

  1. Socialize:

Social networks are the main and best tool to get to know the buyers and users of each brand and make decisions based on the conversations they have, get to know them and learn what their fears, motivations are, the type of content they like the most and design content that improves and deepens the relationship between communication, the product or service, the price and the experience offered.

Social networks are as their name says they are networks to socialize, so you should take advantage of this space and interact with the followers, ask them, comment on them, respond to them and keep them abreast of the processes or behind the scenes of the brand.

Interacting also motivates followers to react positively towards the brand and will improve the engagement general.

  1. Consistency:

At Conceptus, we compare social media to going to the gym because the results will only show up consistently. We have not been able to decipher the algorithm, but the metric confirms that consistency is key to being successful on social networks and there are two issues with which you must be consistent: the message and the times that message is disseminated. After knowing on which platforms, at what times and what content should be shared, this should be done frequently, the more the publications are seen, read and shared, the easier and more timely the brands will appear in the feed.

  1. Use hashtags:

eye! Hashtags are not to increase engagement (likes), hashtags are exclusive for brands to be found on social media through keywords or key topics. They must be used properly! The excessive use of hashtags or labels may seem spammy and this may be punished by some platforms and banned by some users. With what words is it believed that the target audience would search for the services or products of the brand?

  1. Accept criticism:

Criticism and negative comments on social networks should be used as opportunities for improvement. If a user took the time to make a criticism, it must be resolved and really taken into account to improve the user experience with the brand.

  1. Monitor the competition:

In digital matters, the strategies are easy and quick to apply. Carrying out a benchmarking of the competition allows, above all, to better understand the behavior of people who are part of communities within the same sector. What should you know about the competition? Conversion analysis, what hashtags do you use, what do followers say, what do they communicate and how often? This will finally help to strengthen the strategy, adapt to the environment and react in time to the activities of the competition.

  1. Invest in digital pattern:

Every day users of social networks increase and every day there are more brands that expose their services, products and brands in these spaces. Investing in digital guidelines allows the content and communication of the brand to reach more people in a faster way and to captivate more hearts and be in it top of mind of more users. The digital pattern, unlike the traditional pattern such as billboards, TV and radio, allows segmenting the desired audience based on location, gender, interests and behavior on the Internet, achieving greater visibility.

If you are looking for support to strengthen the management of social networks, we can help you with a tailor-made plan that enhances your brand with a digital strategy.

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